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Pendix Mid Crank Drive Electric Bike Kit

Pendix Mid Crank Drive Electric Bike Kit
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Specification of the Pendix Mid Crank Drive Electric Bike Kit

The Pendix crank motor system is the best electric conversion we've seen. It fits almost any bike, requires minimal cabling which results in a neat installation and your existing gearing and brakes are unaffected. The levels of power that the 250w motor and 48v lithium ion battery produce is quite incredible and given that it's made in Germany the quality is fantastic too!

How it Works
The Pendix system is a torque based electric kit. This means that the motor will sense when youre putting more effort into your cycling and it will then automatically increase the power to give you more assistance. As you reduce your cycling effort the motor will automatically reduce the power to conserve the battery. Because the system is automatic you dont need any controls on the handlebar all you need to do is pedal and the electric motor does the rest for you.

Pedal Assistance Modes
Eco Mode: Low level of assistance. Ideal for long, flat stretches or when you want assistance on a long ride
Smart Mode: Medium level of assistance. This is the best mode to be in for normal cycling activities. The noticable support and acceleration is like having a good wind behind you
Sport Mode: High level of assistance. Ideal for hills, mountains, steep gradients, loose or irregular surface, moderate to high wind against you.

Technical Data
Drive system: brushless bottom bracket motor
Performance: 250 W nominal
Speed (max): 25 km/h = 15.5 mph (compliant with UK law)
Motor settings: 3 modes
Torque (max): 50 Nm

Type: lithium ion accumulator (removable)
Capacity: 300 Wh nominal
Battery Level Indicator: Colour coded LED indicator on battery shows the capacity at a glance
Voltage: 48V
Charging time: 3 hrs
Charging cycles: 500
Range (max): 65 miles

Bike Requirements
Wheel diameters: all sizes supported
Frame sizes: all frames with commercially available construction measurements and bottom brackets using BSA 68 or 73 standard threads

Additional weight: 6.5 kg
Carrying weight: max. 120 kg (including freight)
Battery Dimensions: 80 x 276 mm (diameter x height)
Motor Dimensions: 292 x 206 x 50 mm (width x height x depth)

Please note that we have to perform the installation of the kit on your bike and it can't be supplied for self fitting. Fitting of the kit is included in the price of the kit, as is the 2 year manufacturers warranty.

When deciding which kit to fit onto your bike you have three things to consider which motor, which battery and which pedal assist display to choose. Here is our quick guide to help you decide

Decide which motor suits your needs

You have a choice of front wheel, rear wheel and crank motors to choose from. Ultimately its your choice and you may already have a strong preference, but here are some of the factors to consider:
  • 250w hub motors (front and rear) are geared. This means that the motor spins without resistance. The motors weigh around 3kg
  • 500w and 1000w motors are direct drive and do have some resistance. Theyre also twice the weight of 250w motors
  • You should only fit 500w and 1000w motors on the rear wheel. Do not fit a high powered motor on the front forks.
  • Crank motors weigh around 3kg.
  • With a hub motor you will keep all of your gears, meaning that it remains practical to use without the power turned on. A crank motor replaces the front gears with a single chain ring, so its more likely youll need the power more often.
  • A 250w motor will give more miles per charge than a 500w or 1000w motor, even if those high powered motors are in 250w mode
  • A 250w motor will give a more practical, usable everyday bike. The 500w and 1000w motors are great fun offroad but less practical for day to day commuting.

Choose the battery to suit your rides

You need to decide on which battery fitment you prefer and also select the battery to suit the number of miles you expect to ride. You need to consider:
  • If you choose a rear wheel motor then its better to have the battery mounted in the frame of the bike rather than on the pannier. Rear wheel motor bikes with pannier batteries are quite back heavy
  • When choosing the battery to suit the mileage you would like then please remember that the mileage quoted per charge is for assisted miles, not your overall distance. If youre freewheeling or have the power turned off then youre not using the battery.
  • Ensure that the frame of your bike suits the battery you prefer. See our Will it fit section for further guidance

Decide which pedal assistance display to fit

You dont have to fit pedal assistance but it transforms the way that you will use the bike and makes riding far more pleasurable than when you fit throttle only. There are two display types to choose from both do the same thing but have the following practical differences:
  • The LCD display has both up and down buttons for changing the power settings. The LED display has only one button which makes it less convenient to choose the power level that you require
  • The LCD display has an integrated bike computer
Either display will allow you to choose the level of power that the motor is giving you whilst you cycle, and both have off modes so that you can ride the bike without power.

Do you have a question about the Pendix Mid Crank Drive Electric Bike Kit?

If you can't find the answer that you're looking for below then please click here and ask us a question. If we're online we'll give you an answer immediately, otherwise we'll try our best to respond on the same working day.

Do you have a question? Maybe the answer is listed below....
Q. Will this kit fit my bike?
A. Crank kits will fit most bikes with a 68mm or 73mm bottom bracket. See our "Advice" section for more information.

Q. Is the kit easy to fit?
A. We're not able to supply the Pendix kit for DIY installation - this has to be fitted by us.

Q. What does the kit weigh?
A. Work on the basis of 6kg-7kg. You don't notice this weight when cycling because of the power that you get from the motor.

Q. Do I keep all of my gears?
A. Yes.

Q. Can I remove the battery for charging?
A. Yes. All batteries can be locked into place and can be removed as required. You can charge the batteries both on and off the bike.

Q. I have hydraulic brakes. Will this kit fit?
A. Yes.

Q. I have drop bars. Will this kit fit?
A. Yes.

Q. How many miles will I get?
A. It depends on the aH rating of the battery. The mileage is listed in the specification but please bear in mind that your overall distance will be further than the mileage listed as when you're freewheeling the battery isn't being used.

This electric system needs to be installed by us and isn't available as a self fit kit. Please contact us for further details.