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Front Drive 250w Kit

Front Drive 250w Kit
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Specification of the Front Drive 250w Kit

Electric bike kit specifications:
Motor: 250W brushless front hub motor (reaches maximum speed allowed by UK/EU regulation, i.e. 15.5mph)

Wheel size: 20inch, 24inch, 26inch, 700c, 28inch or 29er
Wheel material: Double walled alloy rim with reinforced spokes to withstand extra tension.
Wheel Colour: Black rim with silver spokes

Throttle: thumb type.
Brake levers: Electric levers that also cut the power when applied.
Brake compatibility: Compatible with both disc brakes and V-brakes
Fork compatibility: Minimum 100mm between fork drop-outs (which is the vast majority of forks)

Battery Options - All 36v
7aH Pannier Battery
- Approx 20 miles per charge. Pannier rack supplied with kit

9aH Frame Battery
- Approx 30 miles per charge

11aH Pannier Battery
- Approx 40 miles per charge. Pannier rack supplied with kit

14aH Frame battery
- Approx 60 miles per charge

17aH Pannier battery
- Approx 75 miles per charge. Pannier rack supplied with kit

21aH Frame battery
- Approx 90 miles per charge

All batteries are detachable and are supplied with a charger.

A thumb throttle is supplied with the kit as standard but its pedal assistance that will truly transform your riding experience.

Pedal Assistance System
Why not upgrade your conversion kit by adding one of our optional Pedal Assistance Systems (PAS)? A Pedal Assistance System is a device that senses your pedalling and makes your kit give automatic assistance, i.e. you do not have to press the throttle throughout your journey.

We have two PAS packages on offer:
Pedal Assistance System (Basic LED)
This is our basic PAS upgrade which includes a handlebar dashboard allowing you to shift between three power levels; low, medium or high. This display shows your battery level and gives an indication of your speed.

Pedal Assistance System (Advanced LCD)
This is our top of the range electric bike kit upgrade for you who want to combine your conversion kit with state of the art technology, yet at a surprisingly good value. This package combines a Pedal Assistance System with an advanced LCD handlebar monitor which, not only gives you five levels of power, but also displays your speed, journey distance, time, average speed and many other readings.

Although pedal assistance is an optional upgrade, it will transform your riding experience and improve the longevity of the battery.

If you wish to include a Pedal Assistance System with your eKit, the bottom bracket on your bike needs to be a Square Taper type (which is the most common bottom bracket on ordinary bikes). If you dont have a square taper bottom bracket, you may need to replace it as well as the crank arms to make your bike compatible with the PAS. If in doubt, please call us on how to fit a square taper bottom bracket on your bike. Please note that we now include an easy fit pedal assist sensor which is designed for DIY fitment (no special tools required).

All components in the kit are covered by a 12 month warranty, with all spares being held in the UK.

When deciding which kit to fit onto your bike you have three things to consider which motor, which battery and which pedal assist display to choose. Here is our quick guide to help you decide

Decide which motor suits your needs

You have a choice of front wheel, rear wheel and crank motors to choose from. Ultimately its your choice and you may already have a strong preference, but here are some of the factors to consider:
  • 250w hub motors (front and rear) are geared. This means that the motor spins without resistance. The motors weigh around 3kg
  • 500w and 1000w motors are direct drive and do have some resistance. Theyre also twice the weight of 250w motors
  • You should only fit 500w and 1000w motors on the rear wheel. Do not fit a high powered motor on the front forks.
  • Crank motors weigh around 3kg.
  • With a hub motor you will keep all of your gears, meaning that it remains practical to use without the power turned on. A crank motor replaces the front gears with a single chain ring, so its more likely youll need the power more often.
  • A 250w motor will give more miles per charge than a 500w or 1000w motor, even if those high powered motors are in 250w mode
  • A 250w motor will give a more practical, usable everyday bike. The 500w and 1000w motors are great fun offroad but less practical for day to day commuting.

Choose the battery to suit your rides

You need to decide on which battery fitment you prefer and also select the battery to suit the number of miles you expect to ride. You need to consider:
  • If you choose a rear wheel motor then its better to have the battery mounted in the frame of the bike rather than on the pannier. Rear wheel motor bikes with pannier batteries are quite back heavy
  • When choosing the battery to suit the mileage you would like then please remember that the mileage quoted per charge is for assisted miles, not your overall distance. If youre freewheeling or have the power turned off then youre not using the battery.
  • Ensure that the frame of your bike suits the battery you prefer. See our Will it fit section for further guidance

Decide which pedal assistance display to fit

You dont have to fit pedal assistance but it transforms the way that you will use the bike and makes riding far more pleasurable than when you fit throttle only. There are two display types to choose from both do the same thing but have the following practical differences:
  • The LCD display has both up and down buttons for changing the power settings. The LED display has only one button which makes it less convenient to choose the power level that you require
  • The LCD display has an integrated bike computer
Either display will allow you to choose the level of power that the motor is giving you whilst you cycle, and both have off modes so that you can ride the bike without power.

Do you have a question about the Front Drive 250w Kit?

If you can't find the answer that you're looking for below then please click here and ask us a question. If we're online we'll give you an answer immediately, otherwise we'll try our best to respond on the same working day.

Do you have a question? Maybe the answer is listed below....
Q. Will this kit fit my bike?
A. Our hub kit will fit most bikes but there are a few checks to do to make sure. See our "Advice" section for more information.

Q. Is the kit easy to fit?
A. Yes. The kits are designed for self fitting. If you can change a tyre then you'll be able to fit this kit

Q. What does the kit weigh?
A. It depends on the battery, but work on the basis of 6kg-7kg. You don't notice this weight when cycling because of the power that you get from the motor.

Q. How do I find out my wheel size?
A. Take a look at the tyre - this will give you the size that you need. For example it might say 26x1.5, 700cx35 or 28x1.75. You need to take the first part of this size (26, 700c, 28) to select the correct wheel size.

Q. Can I remove the battery for charging?
A. Yes. All batteries are locked into place and can be removed as required. You can charge the batteries both on and off the bike.

Q. Is there any resistance on the motor?
A. No. The 250w motors are geared and the motors spin like a normal wheel (i.e. with no drag or resistance)

Q. My brake levers are integral with my shifters. What can I do with the auto-shutoff brake levers that you've supplied?
A. You have 2 choices. You can either swap the shifters for independent units and fit the brake levers or keep the set up that you have. Most of our customers keep the existing brake levers/shifters. It doesn't make a great deal of difference whether you fit the auto-shutoff levers as when you stop pedalling the motor will stop. So, provided you're not braking and pedalling at the same time it's not an issue.

Q. I have hydraulic brakes. What can I do with the auto-shutoff brake levers that you've supplied?
A. Keep the set up that you have. It doesn't make a great deal of difference whether you fit the auto-shutoff levers as when you stop pedalling the motor will stop. So, provided you're not braking and pedalling at the same time it's not an issue.

Q. I have drop bars. What can I do with the auto-shutoff brake levers that you've supplied?
A. Keep the set up that you have. It doesn't make a great deal of difference whether you fit the auto-shutoff levers as when you stop pedalling the motor will stop. So, provided you're not braking and pedalling at the same time it's not an issue. It's also worth noting that, unless you fit an accessory bar, you won't be able to fit the throttle and the LED display won't fit. You need the LCD display which clamps onto the bars.

Q. How many miles will I get?
A. It depends on the aH rating of the battery. The mileage is listed in the specification but please bear in mind that your overall distance will be further than the mileage listed as when you're freewheeling the battery isn't being used.

Having a problem fitting your kit? Check here for solutions
Q. The motor is touching the inside of my forks. What can I do?
A. You need to change the order of the washers to create space for the motor. Fit the flat washer behind the torque washer on the inside of the fork.

Q. I've connected everything, the lights are on but the motor isn't working. What can I do?
A. Check that the motor cable is pushed in fully. There's a line on the male connector, just above the arrow, that needs to be flush with the female connector.

Q. My throttle is working but the pedal assistance isn't. What can I do?
A. Check that the disc is no more than 2-3mm away from the sensor. If it's too far away the sensor won't pick up movement.

Q. I have a pannier battery and the system isn't turning on at the display. What can I do?
A. There's a switch underneath the battery - ensure that this is in the "1" position.

Q. I've not fitted the throttle so have a connector that us unused. Can I cut it off?
A. No, please don't cut any of the cables. If you have an open connector then place a cap over the end to ensure that no water can get into the cable.

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